Art For Your Walls

       all above images : jenny gummersall  An artist's work I'm currently admiring is Albequerque photographer Jenny Gummersall's work. Her photos capture the spirit of the west from a modern viewpoint. Her cloud photos and horse abstracts have a stunning, quiet feel. See more of Jenny Gummersall's portolio of work here ... Read More »

Art for your Walls

A great way to personalize your space is to surround yourself with artwork that speaks to you. I like to reflect the beauty of the outdoors inside the home. I prefer a local context. Today I'm highlighting the work of one of our local artists in the Roaring Fork Valley, Jim Paussa, who has been a photographer for over 20 years. Some examples from his portfolio: Jim says, "I have been a photographer for 20 years. Primarily I’m a portraitist. My other passion is fine art photography. I like to be outside when the weather is raging because, as Francis Ford Coppola said, it's free special effects. I also love to photograph in the urban landscape because of the textures, shapes, and lighting I find there." "I really enjoy the intimacy and interaction of  ... Read More »

color palette love

  a color combination I am currently enjoying is eggplant combined with chocolate brown. These rich, deep tones create a comfortable atmosphere. They can add drama to small spaces and coziness to large spaces. The look can be very traditional or modern, or a mix of the two, depending on your selection of finishes, furnishings, softgoods, and accent pieces. Below are some inspiration images using different tones of brown and eggplant/aubergine:   Contemporary Family Room : source: houzz   Transitional Kitchen : source: houzz   Contemporary Bathroom : source: houzz    Living Room : source: houzz     Library source:houzz       ... Read More »