Kitchen Backsplash 101: 7 Tips to Get it Right

A kitchen backsplash is a great opportunity to make a significant impact and/or to enhance your other design elements. Backsplashes are one of our favorite finishes to select for our projects. These seven tips will help ensure that you get it right: 1. Keep It Full Height We always recommend a full-height splash – countertop to underside of upper cabinets – usually 18-20” high. A 4”or 6” backsplash breaks up the space and is a missed opportunity. 2. Use One Material I've seen homes where 4” of the countertop slab was installed and then a tile or stone backsplash was added above. Instead, use the same material for the whole area. The same goes for adding a different material over the range. Unless you have a porous material you want to use, such as marble, or are a messy cook and ... Read More »

The Perfect Bath

Whether you call it your sanctuary, retreat, oasis, or spa, the bath is unlike any other room in the house. It can be the most private or indulgent of spaces or a simple, public one in which guests need to feel comfortable. Today's bath is an expression of personal style and priorities, and the luxurious focal point of sophisticated interiors. As a result, creating the perfect bath has become an obsession for homeowners and designers. Yet, perhaps no room in the house requires as much forethought and planning as the bath. The Perfect Bath In her new book, The Perfect Bath, published this month by Rizzoli, Barbara Sallick, co-founder of Waterworks, a luxury brand of bath fittings, fixtures, furniture and accessories, explores the process of designing a bath in great and beautiful ... Read More »

Creating Beautiful Spaces with Art and Design

Recently, Art Aspen invited Anne to be part of a panel discussion with three other experts in design, art and rugs. Due to the amount of interest in our topic, we were invited to present again at the Aspen Business Luncheon. Both talks focused on personal expression through art in interiors. Unless you’re a curator, gallery owner or designer, chances are that buying art does not come very naturally. It doesn't have to be difficult, though. A great way to personalize your space is to surround yourself with artwork that speaks to you. Most importantly, we recommend incorporating art and other design features into your home that are meaningful to you and enhance your well-being. This quote by Thomas Jefferson summarizes our belief in the transformative power of art: "That which we ... Read More »