Current Affairs: Hair on Hide

Hair on hide is no longer being confined to the living room floor. Currently, it is making an appearance on ottomans, benches, cubes, chairs, accent pillows, and even walls. Take a look below at some examples of how we will be using this favorite trend of ours for upcoming projects.   Love this patchwork rug design   The rug in context   Strips of hide are used to create this cubic rug design   This creates a great focal point for a room with simple furnishings   A versatile bench These simple cubes make great ottomans, entry benches, or extra seating tucked under a coffee table.   Natural hair on hide is always best and humane ways are being used to obtain the animal hide that would otherwise go ... Read More »

color palette love

  a color combination I am currently enjoying is eggplant combined with chocolate brown. These rich, deep tones create a comfortable atmosphere. They can add drama to small spaces and coziness to large spaces. The look can be very traditional or modern, or a mix of the two, depending on your selection of finishes, furnishings, softgoods, and accent pieces. Below are some inspiration images using different tones of brown and eggplant/aubergine:   Contemporary Family Room : source: houzz   Transitional Kitchen : source: houzz   Contemporary Bathroom : source: houzz    Living Room : source: houzz     Library source:houzz       ... Read More »

Furniture Layout: Focal Point, Conversation and Circulation

When deciding on a layout, decide the most important focal point in the room. Is it an architectural feature, like a prominent fireplace wall, or a beautiful view? Unless you have a large room, try to select only one. Do not put the TV on a different side of the room as the fireplace unless you have enough room for 2 seating areas.    Create a conversation “pit” by placing furnishings opposite and adjacent that work for conversation. Keep in mind the distance between furniture; You don't want pieces to be too far apart. Make sure that there is a clear path, at least 30" wide on one side, to enter the conversation area. You do not want people squeezing between a table and chair because there is no clear path.     Serve up ... Read More »