Banquettes: Where Comfort Meets Function

Banquette Affection We love banquettes! Built-in benches, also known as banquettes, are one of our favorite space-saving tricks for maximizing function in the dining room. Banquettes not only use space efficiently by providing a large amount of seating in a small area, but they are inviting, comfortable and multifunctional. They encourage lingering over a casual meal, working on a laptop, spreading out projects, playing games, or reading the morning paper with a hot cup of coffee. Below are a few examples from our portfolio which illustrate that banquettes are versatile enough to be included in any style of home. They fit especially well in a modern or contemporary style and reduce the cluttered look of so many chairs. The fabric adds warmth, texture and pattern to the space. Placed ... Read More »

Current Affairs: Hair on Hide

Hair on hide is no longer being confined to the living room floor. Currently, it is making an appearance on ottomans, benches, cubes, chairs, accent pillows, and even walls. Take a look below at some examples of how we will be using this favorite trend of ours for upcoming projects.   Love this patchwork rug design   The rug in context   Strips of hide are used to create this cubic rug design   This creates a great focal point for a room with simple furnishings   A versatile bench These simple cubes make great ottomans, entry benches, or extra seating tucked under a coffee table.   Natural hair on hide is always best and humane ways are being used to obtain the animal hide that would otherwise go ... Read More »

Art For Your Walls

       all above images : jenny gummersall  An artist's work I'm currently admiring is Albequerque photographer Jenny Gummersall's work. Her photos capture the spirit of the west from a modern viewpoint. Her cloud photos and horse abstracts have a stunning, quiet feel. See more of Jenny Gummersall's portolio of work here ... Read More »