Exploring Asia

Hi all, I'm sharing some photographs and highlights from my recent trip to Asia. I visited Beijing, China in late May, then we traveled to Hanio, Halong Harbor, Danang and Hoi An in Vietnam. Asia was not necessarily on my bucket list, but I loved it and would love to go back someday. I found the people gentle and warm, the food fresh and good and the shopping fantastic! It was hot, so I'd recommend going at a cooler time of year, but we had a great time anyway. Beijing, China Beijing Highlights: Transport – Cars and scooters and everything in between! Lots of electric vehicles, so it's quiet. Metro/Underground – The people all dress nicely, trains come every 2 minutes, there is always a bike waiting at the other end. People – gentle and ... Read More »

Kitchen Backsplash 101: 7 Tips to Get it Right

A kitchen backsplash is a great opportunity to make a significant impact and/or to enhance your other design elements. Backsplashes are one of our favorite finishes to select for our projects. These seven tips will help ensure that you get it right: 1. Keep It Full Height We always recommend a full-height splash – countertop to underside of upper cabinets – usually 18-20” high. A 4”or 6” backsplash breaks up the space and is a missed opportunity. 2. Use One Material I've seen homes where 4” of the countertop slab was installed and then a tile or stone backsplash was added above. Instead, use the same material for the whole area. The same goes for adding a different material over the range. Unless you have a porous material you want to use, such as marble, or are a messy cook and ... Read More »

Kitchen Renovation for an Avid Entertainer

We've been looking forward to sharing this luxurious yet functional kitchen renovation we recently completed in Baltimore, Maryland. On most Friday evenings, our client opens her Mid-century Modern home to more than 20 guests for Shabbat dinner. Needing a larger and more organized space to entertain, she came to Anne Grice Interiors to design a kitchen that is uniquely tailored to her lifestyle.   Kitchen Renovation Goals The homeowner's primary goal was to be able to easily and efficiently prepare meals for large dinner parties. However, it was important that the space not feel like a commercial kitchen (even though it has three dishwashers!) in order to blend with the Mid-century Modern style of the home. Kitchen Renovation Challenges The biggest challenge was ... Read More »